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Validation of Cell-Based Fluorescence Assays: Practice Guidelines from the ICSH and ICCS
Part V – Assay Performance Criteria

Authors & Contributors

Brent Wood - Dragan Jevremovic - Marie C. Béné - Ming Yan - Patrick Jacobs - Virginia Litwin

First Published

10 September 2013





Written by the authors on behalf of ICSH/ICCS Working Group multi-color flow cytometry is a unique technology, which enables the analysis of heterogeneous cellular systems and provides multiparametric information on a cell-by-cell basis.


A variety of factors contribute to the complexity of validating cell-based flow cytometric methods, including the lack of fully characterized cellular reference materials and the difficulty in obtaining, or creating, samples with varying levels of a given cell type or varying levels of expression of a given antigen.


This document summarizes validation requirements and describes validation strategies for quasi-quantitative and qualitative cell-based flow cytometric assays.   


© 2013 International Clinical Cytometry Society

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