ICSH has made two scholarship available for 2021, the Carol Briggs-Smalley Scholarship and the new Sam Machin Scholarship.


Whilst applications for the Sam Machin Scholarship are now closed (and winner announced) applications for the Carol Briggs-Smalley Scholarship are open until Tuesday 30th November 2021 as below.

Carol Briggs-Smalley Award 2021
2021 - Carol Briggs-Smalley Scholarship Header.png

Applications for the 2021 Carol Briggs-Smalley Scholarship have been extended and remain open until Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Sam Machin Award 2021
2021 - Sam Machin Scholarship Header.png

Applications are now closed for the 2021 Sam Machin Scholarship. We thank all those who applied. The Winner of the award was announced at the ICSH 2021 General Assembly.

Applications for 2021 now closed