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ICSH Recommendations for the Measurement of Haemoglobin A2

Authors & Contributors

G. Zini - G. d’Onofrio - C. Briggs - W. Erber - J. M. Jou - S. H. Lee - S. McFadden - J. L. Vives-Corrons - N. Yutaka - J. F. Lesesve

First Published

05 October 2011





Although DNA analysis is needed for characterization of the mutations that cause β-thalassaemia, measurement of the Hb A2 is essential for the routine identification of people who are carriers of β-thalassaemia.


The methods of quantitating Hb A2 are described together with pitfalls in undertaking these laboratory tests with particular emphasis on automated high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis.


It is 30 years since the first recommendations were published concerning the quantification of Haemoglobin A2, and during this time, there have been several new analytical developments in the field; therefore, the International Council for the Standardisation of Haematology (ICSH) Board consider that the original recommendations should be revised.

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