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The International Council for Standardization in Haematology


In this issue:

  1. New ICSH Board Member Dr Ben Hedley

  2. ICSH New Publications

  3. ICSH Meetings

  4. ICSH Awards

  5. ICSH Current Projects

  6. New ICSH Corporate Members

  7. New ICSH Affiliate Members

New ICSH Board Member Dr Ben Hedley

  • The ICSH welcomes Dr Ben Hedley - here

ICSH New Publications

  • February 23 ICSH guidance for INR and D-dimer testing using Point of Care testing in primary care IJLH D. Fitzmaurice - Wiley Online

  • July 23 ICSH guidance for measurement of factor VIII and factor IX type I inhibitors IJLH P. Meijer - Wiley Online

  • November 23 New ICSH Guidance for New Lot Verification of Coagulation Reagents, Calibrators, and Controls Seminars in Thrombosis and Haemostasis R. Gosselin - Wiley Online - Thieme

  • November 23 New ICSH Recommendations on fibrinogen assays, thrombin clotting time and related tests in the investigation of bleeding disorders. IJLH I. Mackie - Wiley Online

  • December 23 Report of the International Council for Standardization in Haematology working group for standardization of reticulocyte parameters IJLH A.Obstfeld - Wiley Online

  • January 24 ICSH guidance for internal quality control policy for blood cell counters IJLH McCafferty - Wiley Online

  • January 24 ICSH review of internal quality control policy for blood cell counters IJLH McCafferty - Wiley Online

  • February 24 New ICSH technical report 2023: Renewal of the reference material for haemiglobincyanide 19-1-B308 for use in standardization of blood haemoglobin measurements IJLH Harteveld - Wiley Online

ICSH Meetings

  • The ICSH Haemostasis Meeting – June 21st, 2024, Bangkok Thailand - registration is now open

  • The ICSH General Assembly – October 8th & 9th, 2024, Montpellier France - Registration will open June/July 24


Sam Machin 2023 Award Winner

  • Dr Zi Yun Ng (UK) - Standardisation of JAK2 p.(Val617Phe) Variant Allele Frequency Testing to Monitor Disease Status and Treatment Response in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)

Carol Briggs Smalley 2023 Award Winners

  • Ms Tara Talebi (Australia) - Development of a hydrogel cell mimic of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL)

  • Mr Shing Sugawara (Japan) - Establishment of consensus rules using a novel approach that unifies the individual subjective interpretation of features for the morphological identification of schistocytes in accordance with ICSH Recommendations 2021

Current ICSH Projects


  • Immuno-platelet count project – JCTLM database inclusion – Mr Terry Fawcett and Dr Paul Harrison

  • WBC Immunodifferential project – Dr Brent Wood (USA) – Chair

  • HbA2 standardization project – Dr Cornelis Harteveld, the Netherlands – Chair

  • MPV standardization project – Dr Paul Harrison (UK) – Chair

  • WHO anaemia project – Dr Gina Zini (Italy) – liaison officer

  • JCTLM executive – Mr Terry Fawcett (Australia)

  • Blood Viscosity project – Dr Michael Simmonds (Australia) – Chair

  • Foeto-Maternal Haemorrhage (FMH) project – Dr Bruce Davis (USA) - Chair

  • ICSH impedance project for JCTLM – Dr Yutaka Nagai, Japan, Dr Ben Hedley Canada. Co-Chairs


  • F11,FV11,FX, FX1, FX11, FX111, VWF inhibitor standardization project – Dr Simon Davidson, UK – Chair

  • ICSH guideline on haemosatsis laboratory developed tests (ldt’s) – Dr Chris Gardiner – UK - Chair

  • Thromboelosatography standardization project – Mr Ray Dauer, Australia - Chair

  • Measurement of uncertainty in Haemostasis testing – Dr Stephen McDonald, UK

  • Mixing studies – Dr Dorothy Adcock, USA – Chair

New ICSH Corporate Members

The ICSH welcomes new Corporate Members:

New ICSH Affiliate Members

The ICSH welcome new Affiliate Member

  • National Center for Clinical Laboratories (NCCL) China




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